How to Disciple 1.3 Million People: Compassion International in Kenya

Tim Kimberly over at Credo House has been doing a fascinating series of posts about the work that Compassion International is doing in Kenya. He was invited on a trip with Compassion to see firsthand the kind of ministry they are doing among some truly needy people.

When I was in college, I sponsored a child through Compassion International. However, due to the vagaries of college existence, especially in regard to my financial situation, I ended my commitment after about a year. I didn’t like to discontinue my sponsorship, but I also didn’t have a great idea of what exactly CI did with my money, other than to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of the child I was sponsoring. I didn’t know how they went about it, what it looked like, or if they had any sort of long-term, big picture plan for making disciples of the people they work with.

As I’ve been reading Tim’s posts, I’ve gotten a much clearer idea of what Compassion International is all about. I wish I had gotten this kind of information earlier, as I think I would have been much more inclined to continue my sponsorship if I had known more about the various programs they have in addition to child sponsorships and about the heart and the goals behind all that they are doing, as well as the success that they are having. Tim has written three posts (1,2,3) so far with more to come. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this unique ministry, and hope you’ll check out his posts if you’ve ever sponsored a child through Compassion or wondered what exactly they do with the funds that they raise.


2 thoughts on “How to Disciple 1.3 Million People: Compassion International in Kenya

  1. Thanks for sharing! I actually work for Compassion. It’s hard to imagine that the money you send to a child a million miles away actually makes a difference in their life. I too sponsored when I was 16 and cancelled my sponsorship right before I left for college. If I would have known exactly what sponsorship meant for that child, I think (I hope) that I would have stuck it out. Have you seen this blog: It made sponsorship very real for me- knowing that Compassion was able to help save this little girl’s life by teaching her about Jesus.

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