Zombies, Wine, and Christian Music

The false emotion that I’m talking about might be familiar to some of you. There’s just something more believable about the whispery sexy voice that is singing about sex on the mainstream radio station than the voice that copies that style of singing while putting lyrics in about being in the arms of Jesus. And it’s really not even the style or the lyric that is the problem to me, it’s the fact that I don’t believe that the singer is feeling the kind of emotions in singing that lyric that would lead to that style of singing. It’s that same kind of creep out that you feel when somebody gives a really loud fake laugh. It’s just weird and uncomfortable feeling.


Please read this excellent post by Michael Gungor on the problem with the Christian Music Industry. He is the front-man of the most excellent band, Gungor, who is, though I shouldn’t have to point this out, very creative.

Here’s one of their songs for your listening enjoyment.