Sermon on the Mount

Sermon on the Mount - Pontlevoy

We recently began a new sermon series at Grace Bible Church on the Sermon on the Mount. We are three Sundays in so far, with my pastor, Ken Garrett, introducing the sermon three weeks ago, and finishing the second half of the beatitudes today (listen here).

I’ve been asked, along with some of the other seminary students at church, to take part in preaching this series. I’m preaching from Matthew 5:38-48, which is a passage that has been challenging me recently, so I’m really looking forward to continue digging into it and preparing to share its message with our church. I may preach again later in the summer, depending on how the schedule works out. I’ve been reading the Sermon on the Mount daily and have been thoroughly enjoying the fruits of repetitive meditative reading of it.

Chatting about the Sermon on the Mount. Fighting over who gets to preach which passage.

I’ve preached a number of times before, but only at my home church, to a small group of people whom I have known my whole life and who were quite generous to give me opportunities to share with them. I’ve always been rather uncomfortable “preaching”, preferring more of a conversational teaching style, but these are the kinds of opportunities I want to take advantage of in order to cultivate and develop the gifts God has given me. We love our church family in Portland and have built many close relationships, and I’ve done a lot of teaching at Grace Bible Church already, but it will certainly be a challenge to my nerves to preach to so many. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to use my gifts and training, and am so grateful for being able to participate in practical ministry with my family at Grace Bible Church.