What to do with your PhD when you can’t get a Job.

Marc Cortez has been crushing the dreams of PhD students again, this time specifically for those who might teach at an ATS accredited school. If you survived his first attempt thinking you might have a better chance teaching in a specifically Christian program, this one surely put you out of your misery.

Jim West thinks it might be a good thing and hopes that these crushed dreams will lead theologians back to the pulpit where they belong. Brian LePort questions his question and wonders whether it would indeed be good, and what it should look like.

I will offer another way. No optimistic spin here. I will merely offer a glimpse into the future for those who are pursuing their PhD’s or perhaps a look in the mirror if you have the degree, but no job.

You could go this route if you think you have a better voice than Bruce McCulloch.

The degree finally becomes useful.

Well, at least you’ll still have your dignity.