In a few weeks, the Justice Conference will be held in Portland. I had originally planned to attend as part of a class, but ended up not registering for the class. I did, however, register  for the conference and am eager to explore the idea of justice. There are a number of excellent speakers scheduled and I will be hard pressed to decide which sessions to attend.

In preparation for the conference, I will be reading and reflecting on a few biblical passages which speak to the idea of justice. It may be rather disorganized, but as I do, I will likely post some of my thoughts here.

Anyone else attending or have any thoughts on who not to miss?



Today is Saturday, which is awesome. Autumn is beautiful in Portland, and we’ve enjoyed a few relatively precipitation free days. I walked the 2.5 miles to and from school yesterday and it was crisp and brisk and whooshing, colorful leaves were in the air and underfoot. I love this time of year and the changing of seasons.

Shelby’s mom had us over this morning, along with the grandkids and my brother-in-law, for brunch. There were waffles, and bacon, and quiche, and coffee. Incidentally, if you think quiche is lame, forget the name and realize that it’s essentially a pie filled with bacon, egg, cheese, and caramelized oniSTOP DROOLING ON YOUR KEYBOARD! Now that we’ve upheld the legitimacy of quiche as a food suitable for consumption, we can move on to the point of this post.

Well…really there wasn’t one, but it’s Saturday, which is awesome, and now I know how to post on this blog.