“Sinners” Who Are Forgiven or “Saints” Who Sin? – Robert Saucy | Parchment and Pen

“Sinners” Who Are Forgiven or “Saints” Who Sin? – Robert Saucy | Parchment and Pen.

C. Michael Patton from  Credo House Ministries recently posted this excellent article by Robert Saucy. In my Theology class last term, Gerry Breshears made a similar point, suggesting that our Soteriologies have often emphasized Conversion and Justification, while leaving out Regeneration.

While always affirming the idea that I am a new creation in Christ, I grew up thinking of myself only in terms of a forgiven sinner, and not also as a saint who sins. This imbalance certainly led to a defeatist attitude towards my own sin, and more importantly towards my identity. What a liberating truth it is that our deepest desires are those of Jesus Christ, and that though I may sin, I am identified as a Christ-ian, not merely a sinner.

Do you see yourself primarily as a sinner or as a saint? Which do you think is the proper way to view yourself?